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St Meilyr's Church
Pembrokeshire SA63 4RS

The Revd Dr Adrian T. Furse
Phone: 01437 532 238


Articles and events held at the church - all from our Archive.
Our Lady of the Virus bullet Our Lady of the Virus
21st March 2020. Our Lady, she appeared on the north Church Wall in the first week of the lock down. First discovered by Wendy Sturgess.

She is still with us in May. Whether she will disappear once the country is restored to whatever passes for normal living - only time will tell...
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Steve Page in Concert bullet Steve Page - Moonshine and Dust
26th July 2019. An epic love story set in prohibition era America. Told through classic old-time American songs.

Fantastic story telling and an amazing musician made for an outstanding evening.
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Service of Dedication of Wall Piece Angelus bullet Service of Dedication of Wall Piece Angelus
2nd September 2018. We gave thanks for the restoration of the bells and blessed the new commemorative sculpture of the Archangel Gabriel on the West Wall of the Church, created by Hywel Livingstone.

Full Bell Report (pdf file).
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Fairy Tales and Folk Songs bullet Folk Songs
27th July 2018. Fairy Tales and Folk Songs of West Wales. Stories, voice and music. Dark encounters with the Otherworld of west Wales, from lazy harpers to light-footed fiddlers, from the Lady of the Millpond to the Llanina mermaid. Grim tales and traditional tunes and songs from the 1850s and beyond.

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New South Bell and Old North Bell bullet Bells Back in Situ
2nd July 2017. 1st church service to hear and bless the bells.
The North (biggest) Bell inscription - I:%:D:¯: L:I:D WARDEN 1682.
New South Bell inscription - Whitechapel London 2013. Note ‘G’. This bell replaced the old, smallest bell below. 

Full Bell Report (pdf file).
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1682 Bell bullet 1682 Smallest South Bell
16th June 2017. Sadly a myriad of cracks in the head of the smallest bell were found, which given the amount of ironwork and bolts with which it had been fitted (these had expanded over the years as a result of corrosion) was not too surprising. Even if the bell had been repaired, it would have sounded quite grim as a result of the profile to which it was made and will be replaced. Inscription - D:L:I:D: IAMES PHILIPPS 1682. Back to top
Lowri Evans bulletLowri Evans and Lee Mason in Concert
27th July 2016. Singer songwriter Lowri Evans in Concert with Lee Mason. A stunning and moving perfermance that included audience participation. Lowri's wondrous vocals and melodic songs, which include folk, country, americana and blues influences, are all beautifully knitted together. A wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

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World Book Night bulletWorld Book Night - Afternoon Tea
14th May 2016. Word Book Night, books given free of charge. Givers this year were Wendy Sturgess (with 'Too Good To Be True' a potent Quick Read from Ann Cleeves) and Lindsay Heydon (with 'Someone Else's Skin' by Sarah Hilary a gripping, plot-driven crime story). Many books donated on the day and second hand books on sale, along with home made cakes, sandwiches and sunshine.

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Insecure bells in the bell cote bulletInsecure Bells in the Bell Cote
14th December 2015. Trouble in the belfry. Afer a quinquennial inspection at the church on 9th December 2015 it was advised our bells in the bell cote are insecure. We immediately made them safe. Due to their age (circa 1682) and history we are now taking advice from a bell expert.

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Lowri Evans in Concert bulletLowri Evams in Concert
29th July 2015. Lowri's striking voice is distinctive and powerful, capable of wide emotional range; her songs take their musical colours from a broad palette that includes folk, country, americana and blues. Lowri was accompanied by Lee. The heartfelt delivery made it an absolutely breathtaking and superb evening.

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Mark and Anna's Wedding bulletMark and Anna's Wedding
25th July 2015. Mark Heydon and Anna Sheath chose this beautiful church to make their vows. Mark is Tom and Myra Heydon's son (who live in The Booth). This joyous occasion took place here in St Meilyr's Church, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and many friends and neighbours.

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World Book Night bulletWorld Book Night - Afternoon Tea
9th May 2015. Word Book Night, books given free of charge. Givers this year were Wendy Sturgess (with Dead Man Talking - Roddy Doyle) and Lindsay Heydon (with Queen's Gambit - Elizabeth Fremantle). Many second hand books on sale, wonderful home made fare and plenty of chat.

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Sue Cook bulletLoaves and Fishes - Sue Cook
31st May 2014. A literary lunch with Sue Cook of Crimewatch UK fame as the speaker; combined with a World Book Night event. Sue is now a successful novelist, having written 'On Dangerous Ground' and 'Force of Nature'. A hearty spread of wonderful home made soups and spelt bread was provided.

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Delyth Jenkins bulletDelyth Jenkins - Voice on the Path
14th August 2013 & 30th July 2014. Delyth returns by popular demand. For 17 days in August 2012, Delyth undertook a remarkable journey, walking the entire 186 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, playing her small harp to people on the way. At these events she recounted her stories and played music inspired by the experience.

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Delyth Jenkins bulletCeltic Harpist Delyth Jenkins
1st August 2012. Delyth Jenkins; international Celtic harpist. St Meilyrs was full of people lucky enough to be able to attend an evening concert. Delyth played both traditional and original music. It was a truely spellbinding performance.

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Llewellin & Himsworth wedding bulletMarriage of Eloise & Howell
28th July 2012. Celebration of the marriage of Eloise Clara Daisy Llewellin and Howell Martin Himsworth.

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World Book Night - just setting up stall bulletWorld Book Night
28th April 2012. World Book Night event, held in the morning. Three givers (Maggie Christie, Wendy Sturgess and Lindsay Heydon) set up stall to hand out their selected books - free of charge.  The three books were: The Time Traveller's Wife, The Remains of the Day and Harlequin.

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Morgan Livingstone's Christening bulletMorgan's Christening
18th February 2012. Morgan was christened by his grandfather John Livingstone. The service was conducted in Welsh and English.

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Mrs Edith Mary Barnett's funeral bulletMrs Barnett's Funeral
13th September 2011. Moved when she was 97 to live at The Booth, Llysyfran. The service was a celebration of Edith's life; 24th June 1910 - 30th August 2011. Great Gran, Gran and Mother much loved, the Church was full to the brim.

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Queen's Jubilee Service bulletQueen's Jubilee
2nd June 2002 - full service details.
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St Meilyrs at the Millennium bullet Millennium 
Celebration in words and pictures of the people of Llysyfran Parish Church.
Still available in St Meilyr's Church - £2.00.  For your convenience this brochure can also be purchased online.
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Sunday School Treats bullet Sunday School Treats 
Book on Sunday School Treats. Published 1996, sold 300 copies and raised £500 for the church.  
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Sunday School to Amroth 1995 bullet Sunday School Trip
Trip to Amroth in 1995.
Adrian Bowen, Owen Davies, Megan (?) Willams, Alice Himsworth,
Helen Davies, Ellie (?) Williams, Lizzie Arthur.
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Easter 1991 - Llysyfran Churchyard bullet Llysyfran Churchyard 
Easter 1991.
Mrs D. Livingstone, Mrs Prue Zygadlo, Mrs M. Stephens, Mr Bron Zigadlo, Rev. Leslie James. Back to top
Door Blessing bullet Door Blessing 
September 1989.
John Livingstone, Revd. Leslie Jones, Bishop Ivor Rees, Kathryn Dunseath, Tomos Livingstone, Hywel Livingstone, Sally Arthur, Howell Himsworth, Edmond Stephens and Rhys Himsworth.

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Sunday School Sponsored walk c 1989 bullet Sunday School Walk 
Sponsored walk c 1989.
Chris Stephens, Gareth Dunseath, Kathryn Dunseath, Tomos Livingstone, Tim Arthur, Edmund Stephens, Hywel Livingstone, Rhys Himsworth, Mrs Jones, Bill Bowen, Rhodri Williams, Sally Arthur, Catrin Williams, Tom Williams, Adrian Bowen. Back to top
Sunday School Xmas Concert c1987 bullet Sunday School Concert 
Christmas Concert in 1987.
Hywel Livingstone, Catrin Williams, Joanne Evans, Rachel Evans, Rhodri Williams, Rhys Himsworth, Edmund Stephens, Sally Arthur, Tom Williams
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